Review of the 2013 Powerslide Gamma

Review of the 2013 Powerslide Gamma

The Powerslide Gamma is an entry range model that is a fitness skate which is ideal for beginners and leisure skaters according to

The Powerslide is serious model that is a discreet black which is enhanced by red and white touches, which means that this skate will suit most skaters.

Powerslide Gamma Boot


The Powerslide Gamma boot has a combined soft and hard structure which is light and efficient. The upper has a good side support that remains flexible. The liner of the boot wraps the back of the foot well and the ankle is supported by thick foam padding. The boot cut however is about one size larger than normal. It is also quite wide at the front of the foot which means that you will lose some skating precision. You can take a smaller skate though to rectify these issues.


The Gamma has a comfy boot with a well-padded ankle support and the tongue on the instep is substantial.


The Powerslide Gamma has laces at the toes, a Velcro strap at the instep and a micrometric buckle at the shin. The laces at the toes are thin and slide well so you will need to pull tight when fastening them. The Velcro strap at the ankle holds tightly and the buckle ensures that the foot is solidly attached.


The Powerslide Gamma has an embossed aluminum Vision frame with 4, 80 mm wheels. There are two aluminum blades riveted onto plastic bridges which are ideal for a low range skate, but it does not provide optimal performance.


The 80mm wheels are a five spoke core which is a common shape on these models. The wheels are ideal for short distances or mid distances and urban outings. If you are thinking of going long distances then this diameter is not enough for you to keep your speed.

The wheels have a hardness of 83A which means that they are soft and comfortable that does not wear too fast.

On the rebound the wheel goes back up fast and at a good height.

The on-core is made from transparent polyurethane, but they won’t stay transparent long and the wear is quite quick on these.


There is ABEC 5 set bearings on the Gamma which can’t be dismantled. On the maintenance side you will have to use a paper towel and lubricant. The bearings are quiet with use.


The brake is compact on the Gamma, but it is efficient. The pad does not leave any traces on the ground when you break which is perfect if you are skating indoors. Overtime the brake will wear thin, but on the Gamma you are able to change the height and lower it to keep the breaking at its best.

Final Touches

The Powerslide Gamma has a clean assembly with no traces of glue, no seams and no matter excess. They also include a bag with spare screws and spaces.


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