Review of Inline Skates

Review of Inline Skates


Inline skates offer not only fun but also a great workout for all ages. Inline skating now has several niche markets from the aggressive stunt riding skates to inline skates for roller hockey and speed racing. The best skates regardless of their purpose will offer a smooth and speedy ride that is easy to control and have supportive boots that will protect your feet according to

Inline Skates

K2 VO2 90 Boa

If you are looking for a general purpose inline fitness skate then the K2 VO2 90 Boa is the skate for you. It is a speedy and stable with 90 mm wheels on fast ILQp-9 bearings. The boot is a comfortable, supportive and well ventilated. A key feature of this skate is that you are able to adjust the boots fit whilst in motion.

Bladerunner Formula 83

If you are on a budget then go for the Bladerunner Formula 82 as they offer the best return for your money. The skate has ABEC 7 bearings with 82 mm wheels that blend speed with manoeuvrability. This skate has a soft boot that is comfortable and sturdy. This boot is perfect for beginner to intermediate.

K2 Alexis Boa

This is the best inline skate for women with a specific cut and a fast, smooth ride which is easy to control. The boot of the skate is soft that has good support from the ankle stability cuff. The skate features 84 mm wheels that balance speed and responsiveness.

Xsjado Avant 3

If you are looking for an aggressive inline skate then this is the one as it is comfortable and lightweight with 57 mm 88a Avant Team wheels with ABEC 7 bearings and Undercover Grind Rock II anti-rockers. Your foot is locked in securely and makes some tricks just a little easier.

Bont Jet

If its speed that you crave then check out the Bont Jet which offers a great performance with good value. The one piece boot is made from fibreglass and carbon which is then reinforced by non-stretch tape and a memory foam interior which creates stiff, supportive and responsive boot. The skate has ABEC 7 bearings with 100 mm or 110 mm racing wheels as well as a three point attachment system which makes the base stiff and responsive.

K2 Marlee and K2 Raider

As inline skates are for everyone, kids can join in the fun with the K2 Marlee and Raider which are built to last. The frames are adjustable which means that as your kids grow the skates can be altered to fit. The ride is stable and smooth so that it’s easier for kids.

Bauer Vapor XR4

The Bauer Vapor XR4 is perfect as inline hockey skates as they offer a great performance with a mid-range price. The boot is sturdy and protective and a hi-lo 76 mm/80 mm setup on soft, grip wheels which makes them perfect for indoor rinks. Overall this skate is responsive and nimble.


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