Is Roller Skating or Inline Skating Easier?

Is Roller Skating or Inline Skating Easier?

There are many people of all ages that are able to become mobile on inline skates a lot easier then on traditional quad roller skates.

Most well made recreational inline skates have a rigid support for feet and ankles as long as they are the right size, buckled and laced up correctly.

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The wheels on inline skates extend much further to the front and rear, which helps to balance a skater’s forward and backward momentum.

The wheelbase is bigger and the thinner wheels are not as sensitive to surface changes.

If your goal is to have a simple transportation, for fun or for fitness, then inline skates might be easier to use and also more practical.

However, new skaters may find that the wider wheelbase on quad skates might help them top overcome their fears of side-to-side stability. Quad skates do have a secure feeling because of the platform under the foot. These skates have their wheels under the ball and under the heel and their isn’t anything projecting beyond the skate toe or heel. This means that the front and back balance support is not as effective.

Choose Skates you are Comfortable With

If as a beginner you do not have a skating goal in mind then you can choose to learn on traditional quad roller skates indoors or recreational inlines indoors or outdoors based on the comfort zone.

The techniques are similar and will be transferable to any skating sport that you finally choose. There are many roller rink skating classes that will allow for both roller skates and inline skates in beginner classes.

Choose Skates that Match your Interests

If your goal is to pull off tricks, stunts and other such maneuvers then the quads have been designed with this in mind and will give you more freedom with less skill.

The design of inline skates have come a long way so you are pretty much able to do anything in them, but as a beginner some moves will require effort because of the rigid inline frame.

You will need balance, strength and stamina for quad roller skates and rollerblades. If you know what you want to do with the skates then you should choose a skate that fits your activity without worrying what is easier.

If your skating interests go passed fun and exercise into a specific roller sport then this will determine the type of skate, the training and any other gear you might need.

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