How to Buy Rollerblades

How to Buy Rollerblades

If you are looking at buying rollerblades then you need to be aware of the different types of rollerblades and styles.

Instead of just buying rollerblades, you need to determine what type of skating you want to do as rollerblade types range from recreational, hockey, racing, fitness and street skates.

Here is a guide to buying rollerblades. If you are looking for more information you can check out

How to Buy Rollerblades

1. Knowing the Different Types of Rollerblades

You will need to know the difference between the rollerblades before you decide to buy any, which means you, will need to know how you will be using the rollerblades.

Recreational Rollerblades

  • These are suited for those that wish to skate casually on flat surfaces for indoor and outdoor.
  • They will generally have a soft boot construction.

Fitness Rollerblades

  • These are lighter than recreational models.
  • They have larger wheels, faster bearings and a streamlined construction.
  • They are designed for durability, speed and long distances.
  • They are best suited for those that skate long distances over smooth surfaces.

Roller Hockey Rollerblades

  • These rollerblades are designed for roller hockey players at any skill level
  • They usually have leather, hard or moulded shell with carbon reinforcement.

Racing Rollerblades

  • These are designed for smooth surfaces for high speeds.
  • The wheels are thinner and are spaced further apart with a longer wheel blade.
  • There are models with 5 wheels instead of 4.
  • They are lightweight, with a shorter cuff and with a soft boot with carbon reinforcement.

Street Rollerblades

  • These are customised recreational blades that are designed for urban skating.
  • They have a flat bar so that skating tricks can be performed.
  • They have a robust, reinforced construction with a shorter wheel frame.

2. Budget

It is vital to set a budget when buying rollerblades as rollerblades can get very expensive. If you are a beginner then opt for ones that fit in your budget. You can even look for used models that are in very good condition.

3. The fit

You will need to try on rollerblades so that you get the correct fit. It is a good idea to wear the kind of sock that you plan on wearing when skating to ensure that you get the best fit. They need to be snug but not pinch. In order to assess the fit correctly you will need to lace them or fasten the closure mechanisms.

4. Try Them

You will need top gauge the comfort level of the rollerblades, which you can do by walking around in them on a carpeted area. Your toes should lightly brush the front of the boots when you stand still. When you bend your knees, the toes should not touch the front of the boot.

5. Safety First

Now that you have found your perfect rollerblades, don’t forget to buy protective gear as well. You need to look at getting a skating helmet and knee and elbow pads. Gloves and wrist guards can also come in handy.



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