Basic Inline Skating Skills

Not only will you need your inline skates, you also need to have some basic skills. Lets take a look at the skills you will need.

A Solid Foundation

A solid foundation for a good skater is to have the basic skills. You will need to learn and use these fundamentals so that you can start to inline skate.

Good Skating Stance

As an inline skater you will need to stay on your feet, so you will need balance, stance and postures. You should focus on specific stances for balance until they become a habit. This will develop proficiency, safety and increase your enjoyment.

Safe Ways to Fallfall

Even if you have a good stance you will at some point fall. A fall doesn’t have to be out of control and a good skater is able to land safe falls. Practice falling so that you can do it safely.

Getting up from a Fall

After you fall you will also need to learn how to get up. Once you have mastered these you will have more confidence.

The Duck Walk

Your first skating movement will be the duck walk on inline skates. This walk with a little glide is the beginning for new inline skaters.

A Little Push

A basic stride will begin when a side push is added to your duck walk. The first few times that you try this, you will feel shaky, but it just takes practice.

V-Stop on Inline Skates

The V-stop also called the Snow Plow Stop is where you slow down and stop. The v-stop are the first recommended stopping techniques when you are not moving fast.

Heel Brake

Inline skates generally have a brake that is on the heel of the right skate. You need to learn how to use this brake, as it is the safest ways to slow down or stop moving at any speed.

Scooter Pushes

Scooter pushes are a great warm up exercise. This tool can be used to take your basic striding up a notch to gliding on one foot with each stroke.

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